Yoga for healthy lower backs

This course is designed to put you in charge of your back. It’s gentle, non-strenuous and suitable for beginners. No yoga experience required! It helps improve the health of your back for the long term.

YHLB is the most effective research-proven treatment offering long-term, self-help and feel good benefits. It has been proven to offer more benefits than:

  • manipulation by osteopaths, chiropractors or physiotherapists
  • exercise classes taught by psysiotherapists
  • massage
  • normal GP care

Courses running throughout the year in Hitchin and Pirton

Hitchin Sunday evening at Hitchin Boys School

Pirton Friday evening in Village Hall

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This is a unique yoga course designed by experts. It is gentle but puts you firmly in control of improving your health and wellbeing. We make sure the groups are small so you can enjoy more individual attention. You may find that your employer/NHS/Local Council/health insurer will subsidise costs in view of the evidence base of long term health self-management, e.g. 70% reduction of work absenteeism equating to £800 in lost productivity. I can provide an invoice or receipt for this purpose.

Unable to attend the first class? Please contact Idunn as class 1 is important. It includes an assessment element. It is a different type of class to the rest of the course, where you will go through a ‘menu’ sheet of pain-relieving poses and importantly you will be taught how to learn to relax.

Unable to attend any of the other classes? Don’t worry as you’re guaranteed 12 classes. You can catch up on missed classes on future courses, thereby spreading out your learning.


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